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Not reaching your goals? GOOD

essay introduction help Good?  How the heck is that a good thing? Watch the short video from Jocko below: **From If you did not reach your fitness goals in 2017…good.  Now...

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Episode 447 Iron Radio- Nerding out on science, creatine and supplement industry buyouts

cambodian genocide essay *From Since Phil was at a meet, myself and Dr Lonnie nerd out about the scientific process, research vs experience, and more . . . We also covered...

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Huge Core Concept§ion=12 I’ve been cranking out content each week for the Flex Diet Cert going into week 6 now.   Each week has involved 3 videos: 1) Big Picture of Met Flex...

thesis on beauty therapy

the five paragraph essay

Episode 42 30/30 Health podcast HRV and Health *From In this podcast, I’m interviewed by Dr. Ruiz.  Dr. Guillermo Ruiz NMD graduated from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. Prior to his doctorate, Dr. Ruiz spent...


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