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Rising Stress Levels and 3 Solutions – from the Flo Retreat Center in the Jungles of Uvita, Costa Rica One of the big things I noticed since coming back from teaching in Chicago after spending over 2 weeks in the jungle in Costa Rica was my rising stress...

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Episode 480 Iron Radio – Quick Fire Questions *From   With Phil away running a competition, Dr Lowery and I answer listener mail, then move on to lighter fare with quick fire questions. It’s just...

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Ep. 211 Open Sky Podcast: How to Get Max Results *From Recently, I recorded a great podcast with Rob of Open Sky Fitness about how to get faster results (body comp and performance). In it, we discussed: My general...

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Motivation Monday: Henry Rollins – Fitness and Life Advice

get link Need some motivation to hit the gym today?  I gotta covered with a great video from Henry Rollins. I’ve been a massive fan of Henry Rollins since 1992 Lollapalooza....

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Episode 479 Iron Radio – Listener mail & News *From After a brief crowd-sourcing announcement from Dr. L, the guys tackle a wide variety of listener mail and news topics such as . . . collagen...

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Nourish Balance Thrive podcast – How to Assess an Athlete: The Best Principles, Methods, and Devices to Use

go to link *from Dr. Tommy Wood from Nourish Balance Thrive Podcast interviews me from a coaching perspective about assessing athletes, specifically in the areas of physical performance, nutrition, lifestyle, and...

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Episode 187 The Boom Boom Podcast – Simplifying the Science of Training *from The Boom Boom Performance Podcast Ketogenic Dieting? Fasted Cardio? Metabolic Flexibility? Stress? What does the science say for all these hot topics?   Find out here as Cody McBroom...


Episode 478 Iron Radio – Topic How & Why of Mass Gain part 2

here *from In the second of a two-part series on the how and why of mass gain, the guys and I turn their attention to training. From weekly volume...

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Episode 477 Iron Radio – Topic How & Why of Mass Gain *from With Phil on the road, Dr Lowery and I geek out in response to an iTunes request to revisit the how and why of gaining muscle mass...

HSP+ mTOR1 + VRD = How To Train Outside While Traveling

aptamil dosierung viagra I am on the road again for 25 days out of this month traveling to South Dakota, Bozeman, MT then Hood River OR – with a flight in between...

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