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Protected: Protein Dangerous? Dr. Stu Interview

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Ancestral Wiring – Handling Stress in a Modern World It was my honor to be able to speak this September at the Ancestral Health Symposium in Seattle, WA. My topic was Ancestral “Wiring in Modern Society:  The Impact...

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Episode 442 IronRadio – History of Powerlifting *From This week, after the mail and news, Dr. Lowery, Phil and I talk about Phil’s upcoming powerlifting meet. We delve into his peaking philosophy, its evolution...

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Episode 440 IronRadio – Dumbells vs Barbells *From In the most recent episode of Iron Radio, Coach Stevens, Dr. Lowery and I tackle the listener mail and accompanying science, then move on to the...


Whole eggs vs egg whites for Muscle Growth

follow url Ever suffered through just plain egg whites? I will put my hand down now as I’ve done it many times. They are a great source or protein; however, they...