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Stats vs The Real World: The Tale of Green Tea and Burning Fat A brand new study just came out showing that green tea burns more fat! Sweet!  That sounds epic. And it was even statistically significant. Oh my, I am jumping into...

Cannabis and Exercise Performance

follow link Does cannabis (aka weed, marijuana, ganja, you get the idea),  increase exercise performance?   This was a question that was proposed to me by a magazine recently.  Hang on to...

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Distress Training

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Why a Ketogenic Diet Does NOT Increase Metabolic Flexibility Despite what you may have heard on the ole interwebs, a ketogenic diet (very high fat, very low carbs) is NOT the best way to increase metabolic flexibility (the...

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My new high protein favorite snack: Meat SNX

enter One of the great things about my “job” is that get all sorts of stuff in the mail to test out. Sadly, much of it goes into file 36...

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Motivation Monday: Henry Rollins – Fitness and Life Advice Need some motivation to hit the gym today?  I gotta covered with a great video from Henry Rollins. I’ve been a massive fan of Henry Rollins since 1992 Lollapalooza....


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HSP+ mTOR1 + VRD = How To Train Outside While Traveling

watch I am on the road again for 25 days out of this month traveling to South Dakota, Bozeman, MT then Hood River OR – with a flight in between...

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Episode 438 IronRadio – Giving Back

go site *From Do lifters have unique abilities or traits that enable them to give back to the world in particularly strong ways? Phil Stevens, Dr. Lowery, and I...

Episode 435 IronRadio – Bio-Psycho-Social Assessments for Lifters *From This week’s episode of Iron Radio examines the mind of the powerlifter. Dr Lonnie, Phil Stevens, and myself dig deep on the subject. Health screens and...

Bioenergetics – Fuel Use and Metabolic Flexibility Here is a short video on how your body uses the two main fuels – fat and carbs via bioenergetics. If you enjoyed this one, come to my talk...

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