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viagra online australia paypal I am super stoked that this podcast with my good friends at Barbell Shrugged it out now!  Check out the video below or listen via your favorite podcast app.


click here In this 2 hour episode recorded in person at PaleoFX this past year, we went over tons of stuff including
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV) – how to use it, what does it mean
  • Metabolic flexibility (Met Flex) – what is the best fuel source and why context is king
  • Mastering micronutrients – fat soluble to water soluble, should you take a multivitamin, a holistic approaches to vitamins and minerals
  • Supplementation – which ones do I use with my clients and what does the research say for health and performance This was a super fun, rapid question/ shotgun approach.

essay about sportsmanship Let me know what you think!

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