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see url I had a blast doing this podcast with Mike Waywell and John Cunningham Listen in and find out if cardio is killing your gains?

follow url Listen in as we discuss gainz and cardio:

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  • The long history of Dr. Mike’s education (in seconds)
  • Auditing classes for fun? Really?
  • Extreme Human Performance: the backstory
  • Endurance training myths and truths: interference effect
  • How would you improve both endurance and strength?
  • Fasted or unfasted cardio?
  • What about for fat loss?
  • How to add HIIT in…
  • What is the recovery time?
  • For body composition…
  • Biofeedback: What, How, & Why?
  • HRV: How to use it? What can it tell you?
  • How does HRV work?
  • Piecing it all together: how does it look?
  • Tracking and monitoring is GOLD!!

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