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Distress Training

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Rising Stress Levels and 3 Solutions – from the Flo Retreat Center in the Jungles of Uvita, Costa Rica

go to link One of the big things I noticed since coming back from teaching in Chicago after spending over 2 weeks in the jungle in Costa Rica was my rising stress...

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Does Adding a Carbohydrate “Cheat Day” To My Diet Enhance Metabolism and Results?

recursos no renovables de guatemala Below is a super short 1-minute video from some brand-new data that was just presented at the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) Annual meeting from Dr. Bill Campbell....

Poptart Proof Stop me if you have heard this one before…. ….at the gym, Bob starts talking to you about this great new keto diet he is doing. “Yeah bro, it...


5 Fitness Lessons I Learned from Kiteboarding on a Surfboard

viagra price gouging In April of this year, I spent the 2 days attempting (with some success) to use a strapless surfboard while kiteboarding instead of my normal board. This begs the...

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Why Failing is GOOD

no prescription for levothyroxine 88mcg The word “failure” has a bad rap.  Not rap, as in, the latest tune on the radio – which all seem to horrible as I much prefer the ‘old...

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Egg Whites vs Whole Egg

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Fresh Tissue Dissection Notes

here Fresh Tissue Dissection Notes from Anatomy Trains 5 Day Course in AZ, Jan 2018 Note – these are my personal notes / observations.  I did my best to attribute...

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Why Static Stretching is Dumb Yep, I think it is still sucks large moose balls, and I have not changed my mind on it. In fact, after 4 days of fresh tissue cadaver dissection...

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Huge Core Concept I’ve been cranking out content each week for the Flex Diet Cert going into week 6 now.   Each week has involved 3 videos: 1) Big Picture of Met Flex...

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