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Fresh Tissue Dissection Notes

steps for doing research Fresh Tissue Dissection Notes from Anatomy Trains 5 Day Course in AZ, Jan 2018 Note – these are my personal notes / observations.  I did my best to attribute...

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Why Static Stretching is Dumb

follow link Yep, I think it is still sucks large moose balls, and I have not changed my mind on it. In fact, after 4 days of fresh tissue cadaver dissection...

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Huge Core Concept I’ve been cranking out content each week for the Flex Diet Cert going into week 6 now.   Each week has involved 3 videos: 1) Big Picture of Met Flex...

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Female Client Suzie Goes from 0 to Hero on Pull-ups Huge congrats to my online 1-1 client Suzie for going from 0 pull-ups to 2 nice looking ones here in the before and after video.   She worked hard to...

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thesis binding in dublin *From De Novo Nutrition website  According to the Institute of Medicine, Food and Nutrition Board (1997):   “On average, >60% of US men and women aged ≥ 20 years old...

Can You Only Use 30 grams of Protein at One Time?

how do an outline Tasty Protein! The myth that you can only use 30 grams of protein at once does not seem to die easily. Despite multiple shots to the head, it’s like...

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The Cortisol Solution For Fat Loss and Health

should i buy a research paper I am sure you have heard these before…. Cortisol is evil! Cortisol is stalling my fat loss results. Cortisol will destroy all your muscle tissue. How many times have...

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The Number 1 Key To Lean Muscle Gains and Fat Loss

go site I  am constantly looking to better in all areas of my life, just as you are (which is why you are hear reading this article). There are many many...


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How Sleep Quality Improves Fat Loss

go Lose more fat by sleeping better? What? How is that even possible? Sounds like a snarky ad for a new snake oil supplement, right. It’s not, and it won’t...


Intermittent Fasting For Weight Loss

how to write a prospectus If you have spent any time looking to add some lean muscle, drop some fat, increase strength or even set foot in a gym I know you will hear...

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