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Episode 116 Low Carb Paleo Show

**From I feel so honored to have been interviewed recently on the Low Carb Paleo Show by Alain Braux and Mark Moxom. Here’s a brief description of their...


Protected: Protein Dangerous? Dr. Stu Interview

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


Episode 009 The Performance Code – Use Carbs, Burn Fat = MetFlex

>>Use Carbs, Burn Fat = MetFlex<<  Click here to listen. *From Greetings from Hood River OR where I am headed out to kiteboard here but wanted to let you...


Steel Shredded podcast Episode 4 Is Cardio Killing Your Gains


Metabolic Flexibility: A Resilience Test

Day 2 of the Fitness Summit is about to kick off in couple hours, and I wanted to get you a note before I wander down to get my...

How Much Protein? (4 Steps)

I am up early to crank out some projects, and then I am off to the airport for the ultra nerd-herder Experimental Biology conference in Chicago. The good thing...

Nutrition and Supplements w Tyson Brown

*From Tyson Brown’s podcast “Tyson’s Tips” Tyson Brown, podcaster and fitness coach, wants you to get the most out of your training. He interviews me in this podcast about...

Is Cardio Killing Your GainZ?

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN **From I had a blast doing this podcast with Mike Waywell and John Cunningham Listen in and find out if cardio is killing your gains?...


Episode 24 Just Fly Performance podcast: Nutrition for Athletes

From >>Just Fly Performance Episode 24<< Click here to listen. This week’s guest is Dr. Mike T Nelson, exercise physiologist, trainer, speaker and all around expert on the...


HRV for Successful Online Coaching

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN. *From In This Episode Implementing HRV or other biomarkers with your coach/client? Mike Nelson breaks down how to be more effective in both online...