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follow site This week’s episode of Iron Radio examines the mind of the powerlifter. Dr Lonnie, Phil Stevens, and myself dig deep on the subject.


onam essay Health screens and baseline performance assessments are common, but what about the full spectrum of strengths and weaknesses you possess? Join the guys as they take a biological, psychological, and social look at themselves and their students and clients.

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go site Also, tune in for listener commentary on evidence-based podcasts and news on a new role for creatine in physique development. Come on in!

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creative writing vs essay Lifters R Us
  • What makes a person geared toward powerlifting?
  • What attributes draw someone to bodybuilding?
  • And what pitfalls await a muscle athlete as he or she ponders a lifting career?

pay someone to write a paper for me Listen in to find out!

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enter site It’s time again for your weekly dose of Iron Radio.

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