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source url This past week I was able to hack my way through (thankful for the mute button my microphone) an episode of Iron Radio for you.

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follow site Coach Phil was away at the Arnold expo, so the nerds (myself and Dr Lowery) were left to get uber nerdy on your glute max once again.

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mkt 450 research methodologies paper The mail asks about bodybuilders backstage. The news covers a new way to look at the upcoming 2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Will they address athletes? News also touches on vegetarians and lab-grown meat.

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go site After the mid-show break, the good doctors take an over-under approach to getting out of progress plateaus. That is, many lifters get stuck due to over- or under-doing something.

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  1. creative monitoring
  2. proper journaling
  3. subtle overtraining symptoms
  4. massive eating
  5. the right number of reps
  6. and more. Come on in!
Dr. Mike