It boggles my mind a bit that I get paid to travel and talk shop with amazing fitness professionals and researchers from all around the world! From Tokyo, Cancun, Grand Prairie (CA), Toronto (CA), Connecticut, Austin, Orlando, and many others including military agencies, it’s a treat to present every time.

Check out my seminar calendar for an event near you.

For the next couple years, I am dedicated to traveling to help you and your staff be better. The topics on which I routinely present range from Heart Rate Variability (HRV) for monitoring training / stress, nutrition via metabolic flexibility, movement via RPR (Reflexive Performance Reset) and gait analysis.

Have a topic/idea? Contact my assistant for details and scheduling:

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“Attention friends in the health & fitness industry (especially strength coaches, PTs, chiros, trainers, athletes)…please learn about Reflexive Performance Reset – it is game changing.” – Cora Sandow, Fitnessc Coach

 I will sing RPR praises all day long. After testing 3RM DL and FS, I was nervous about hip pain. Guess what??? NO PAIN!! In fact, I felt great!!   RPR for the big win!!” – Amy Pico

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