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essay writing app thesis custom header “I’m thrilled to be under 130! I need to take some pictures because people at my CrossFit can’t stop talking about how great I look. They all want me to give them macros!” – Suzie, Mom and Trainer

ONE-ON-ONE ONLINE COACHING Are you a trainer that recommends your clients hire a trainer? Good. But do YOU have a trainer that is helping you? If not, why not?

watch “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.” – Abraham Lincoln

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click It is hard to argue with Honest Abe! All of us are creatures of habit, and it is easy to fall into the same routine / program. I’ve been there myself. If you’d like to break out of the rut and make progress, I would love to help you. Everything I do is completely custom to your body, nutrition, past injuries, and current goals.

ouline examples As a coaching client of mine, here’s what you will receive:

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  • Monthly customized program
  • Complete Nutrition+ Recipes + Sports Supplements
  • Matched Nutrition + Training
  • Monitored recovery index via HRV + Complete Lipid Analysis
  • Full Email Access + Video Analysis + Monitored Progress
  • Complete Recovery Work
  • Biofeedback Techniques
  • . . . and Access To My Geeky Friends!

SEMINARS AND WORKSHOPS It boggles my mind a bit that I get paid to travel and talk shop with amazing fitness professionals and researchers from all around the world! From Tokyo, Cancun, Grand Prairie (CA), Toronto (CA), Connecticut, Austin, Orlando, and many others including military agencies, it’s a treat to present every time. Check out my seminar calendar for an event near you.

university essay help For the next couple years, I am dedicated to traveling to help you and your staff be better. The topics on which I routinely present range from Heart Rate Variability (HRV) for monitoring training / stress, nutrition via metabolic flexibility, movement via RPR (Reflexive Performance Reset) and gait analysis. go here Have a topic/idea? Contact my assistant for details and scheduling:  how does a writer address counter arguments in a paper


america speech RPR has been one of the most life changing types of interventions for many people. Better breathing, better movement, and less stress are just some of the great benefits my clients have experienced from this type of work. A typical first session lasts about 2 hours.  It is 100% guaranteed, if you are not happy at the end of the session or there is no change, there is no charge.  I believe you should pay for results. follow url Contact my assistant for details and scheduling: “Attention friends in the health & fitness industry (especially strength coaches, PTs, chiros, trainers, athletes)…please learn about Reflexive Performance Reset – it is game changing.” – Cora Sandow, Fitnessc Coach

source  I will sing RPR praises all day long. After testing 3RM DL and FS, I was nervous about hip pain. Guess what??? NO PAIN!! In fact, I felt great!!   RPR for the big win!!” – Amy Pico


click Most people take better care of their cars than they do of their body.   You only get one body, so treat it right.

msc thesis outline If you want the ultimate tune-up for your body, this is for you.

  • Full RPR session (click here for more details) ($200)
  • Dolphin micro-current ($200)
  • Full nutrition recommendations based on your goals ($300)
  • Breathing assessment ($75)
  • How to manage stress via meditation  / breath work ($75)
  • Essential Fatty Acid (Fish Oil) test ($165)
  • 4 weeks of email access to Dr Mike for complete re-integration ($300)
  • Total time 4-5 hours in person, private
  • Total value reg: $1,240 – Your cost $750 (limited availability) Optional

  • Before and after lifting technique – want to get better at pressing, deadlifting, squatting, etc. 
    • Velocity based analysis and biofeedback ROM testing
  • Sleep protocol to recover in record time
  • Neurofeeedback session  (Brain Tap)
  • 4 -12 week complete training / nutrition / lifestyle program
  • Training metabolic performance (Moxy muscle oxygen monitor)
  • How to cook simple and healthy food
  • Supplement info based on current research and your needs

source site Reset your body and mind today. I am conveniently located 30 minutes from the MSP International airport, and local hotel for an overnight stay is available as well. here Email my assistant for any questions and availability:

PODCAST AND GUEST SPEAKING I am dedicated to offering the best and latest info to help out the fitness community in staying informed so if you have a podcast or a show you’d like me to make a guest appearance on – let’s chat.

essay writing my ambition doctor The topics on which I routinely present range from Heart Rate Variability (HRV) for monitoring training / stress, nutrition via metabolic flexibility, movement via RPR (Reflexive Performance Reset) and gait analysis.

writing a journal article review source link Contact my assistant for details and scheduling:  get link