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Episode 498 Iron Radio – Topic Add 20 Pounds to Your Deadlift in a DAY *from Can you add 20 pounds to your deadlift in a Day? On the latest episode of Iron Radio and after we cover the usual news, Coach Stevens offers...

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Episode 497 Iron Radio – Topic Holiday Topics & News *from Holiday Topics & News On this Thanksgiving weekend, news and listener mail are once again accumulating, so Dr. Lowery, Phil and I talk shop.   Topics...

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Episode 495 Iron Radio – Topic Supplement Company Startups *from Ever wonder about starting your own dietary supplement company? You might be surprised how far gone are the old days of bottling up pills on a kitchen...

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The Bledsoe Show: Mike T Nelson: Training the Core for Strength Sports #95 *from In this episode, I put Mike B through some of the most intense bodywork of his life. We talk about the hidden anatomy of the psoas and...

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Episode 482 Iron Radio – Topic Response to Injuries *from Injuries are especially traumatic to athletes whose very identity is wrapped up in their ability to perform. This week, after handling listener mail and news, the guys...

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Episode 481 Iron Radio – Topic Self-Monitoring *from How do you know you’re getting stronger? Or sleeping well? Or eating properly?   After addressing a backlog of listener mail, the guys discuss self-monitoring techniques....

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Ep. 211 Open Sky Podcast: How to Get Max Results

source *From Recently, I recorded a great podcast with Rob of Open Sky Fitness about how to get faster results (body comp and performance). In it, we discussed: My general...

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Nourish Balance Thrive podcast – How to Assess an Athlete: The Best Principles, Methods, and Devices to Use *from Dr. Tommy Wood from Nourish Balance Thrive Podcast interviews me from a coaching perspective about assessing athletes, specifically in the areas of physical performance, nutrition, lifestyle, and...

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Episode 478 Iron Radio – Topic How & Why of Mass Gain part 2 *from In the second of a two-part series on the how and why of mass gain, the guys and I turn their attention to training. From weekly volume...

Episode 477 Iron Radio – Topic How & Why of Mass Gain *from With Phil on the road, Dr Lowery and I geek out in response to an iTunes request to revisit the how and why of gaining muscle mass...


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