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N1 Fitness Podcast EP 22: Metabolic Flexibility

thesis statement peer editing *From I had a blast chatting here with Marcus here about low carb, keto, high carb, performance, insulin, body composition & plenty more! Enjoy 🙂 We are talking...

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3 Keto Brain Hack Myths

examples of hypothesis testing in health research Check out the video below as my buddy Dave Barr exposes 3 keto brain hacks. I’ve known Dave for over a decade and he always does his research. This...

Episode 116 Low Carb Paleo Show

power point presentation templates **From I feel so honored to have been interviewed recently on the Low Carb Paleo Show by Alain Braux and Mark Moxom. Here’s a brief description of their...

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Huge Core Concept

memorial day weekend 2018 miami essay I’ve been cranking out content each week for the Flex Diet Cert going into week 6 now.   Each week has involved 3 videos: 1) Big Picture of Met Flex...

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Ancestral Wiring – Handling Stress in a Modern World It was my honor to be able to speak this September at the Ancestral Health Symposium in Seattle, WA. My topic was Ancestral “Wiring in Modern Society:  The Impact...

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Bioenergetics – Fuel Use and Metabolic Flexibility Here is a short video on how your body uses the two main fuels – fat and carbs via bioenergetics. If you enjoyed this one, come to my talk...

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