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Motivation Monday: Henry Rollins – Fitness and Life Advice

how will viagra feel Need some motivation to hit the gym today?  I gotta covered with a great video from Henry Rollins. I’ve been a massive fan of Henry Rollins since 1992 Lollapalooza....

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Episode 478 Iron Radio – Topic How & Why of Mass Gain part 2 *from In the second of a two-part series on the how and why of mass gain, the guys and I turn their attention to training. From weekly volume...

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5 Fitness Lessons I Learned from Kiteboarding on a Surfboard

carmen huertas from cialis In April of this year, I spent the 2 days attempting (with some success) to use a strapless surfboard while kiteboarding instead of my normal board. This begs the...

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Why Failing is GOOD

viagra prescription over counter The word “failure” has a bad rap.  Not rap, as in, the latest tune on the radio – which all seem to horrible as I much prefer the ‘old...

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Be Your Own Hero

go to link You can be THE hero of your life. Check out this super short video from Joe Rogan.  I promise it will be worth just over 1 minute of your...

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No Genetics or Talent?

viagra bodybuilding forum “I don’t have talent. I have tenacity. I have discipline. I have focus. I know, without any delusion, where I come from & where I can go back to.”...

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Not reaching your goals? GOOD

viagra {genetic} Good?  How the heck is that a good thing? Watch the short video from Jocko below: **From If you did not reach your fitness goals in 2017…good.  Now...

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