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501: Strength, Power and Neuro-biomechanics – Denmark

history paper format Instructors: Dr. Kenneth Jay Dr. Mike Nelson Dr. Freddys Garcia Dr. Matthew Antonucci & contributions from Professor Frederick Carrick In this module learn how to develop strength, power and how...

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Episode 464 Iron Radio- Mail and News

watch *From It’s time to catch up on listener mail and news before heading into a few weeks of upcoming guests. Join in for a wide range of...

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Episode 457 Iron Radio-Ryan Munsey on the Mental Side of Training *From This past week, Dr. Lonnie, Phil and I had the pleasure of chatting with Ryan Munsey. Ryan shares his origin story in fitness and talks about...

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Episode 455 Iron Radio- Roll the Eyes Fitness Journalism

essay example year 11 *From After listener mail and news – with some remote commentary from Coach Stevens – the guys discuss fitness and nutrition journalism across the years. The opening...


Episode 454 Iron Radio- Topic Mail & News Potpourri

guidelines for essay writing *From Listen in for the latest on IronRadio. Growth of the podcast once again has the guys covering listener mail and muscle-nutrition news. Dr. Lonnie, Phil and...

Fresh Tissue Dissection Notes

see url Fresh Tissue Dissection Notes from Anatomy Trains 5 Day Course in AZ, Jan 2018 Note – these are my personal notes / observations.  I did my best to attribute...

Episode 447 Iron Radio- Crystal Ball 2018 Fitness Predictions *From As the new year gets underway, so do the IronRadio guys – with their 2018 plans and predictions! I recorded my part there before the Vikings...

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Why Static Stretching is Dumb

click Yep, I think it is still sucks large moose balls, and I have not changed my mind on it. In fact, after 4 days of fresh tissue cadaver dissection...

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Episode 447 Iron Radio- Nerding out on science, creatine and supplement industry buyouts

college statistics homework help *From Since Phil was at a meet, myself and Dr Lonnie nerd out about the scientific process, research vs experience, and more . . . We also covered...

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Protein Dangerous? Dr. Stu Interview As a thank you for reading, I wanted to give you, my loyal newsletter readers, access to this short Q and A with world renowned dietary protein researcher,...