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Episode 126 – Muscle Expert Podcast – Metabolic Flexibility, Training and Nutrition

writing essay exams *From Muscle Expert Podcast In this brand-new podcast below with B-Pak, I go into depth on that plus a ton of other aspects . . . including. . ....

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Episode 480 Iron Radio – Quick Fire Questions

sucide essay *From   With Phil away running a competition, Dr Lowery and I answer listener mail, then move on to lighter fare with quick fire questions. It’s just...


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Episode 479 Iron Radio – Listener mail & News

thesis statement sat essay *From After a brief crowd-sourcing announcement from Dr. L, the guys tackle a wide variety of listener mail and news topics such as . . . collagen...

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Episode 187 The Boom Boom Podcast – Simplifying the Science of Training

discourse analysis essay example *from The Boom Boom Performance Podcast Ketogenic Dieting? Fasted Cardio? Metabolic Flexibility? Stress? What does the science say for all these hot topics?   Find out here as Cody McBroom...

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HSP+ mTOR1 + VRD = How To Train Outside While Traveling

source I am on the road again for 25 days out of this month traveling to South Dakota, Bozeman, MT then Hood River OR – with a flight in between...

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Episode 476 Iron Radio – Add 20 LB to Bench in a Day!

write my college essay me *From Internet marketers and magazines boast of amazing, fast gains, but is there any truth to it? Listen in as we discuss thoughts on this topic. After...

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Why Failing is GOOD

enter site The word “failure” has a bad rap.  Not rap, as in, the latest tune on the radio – which all seem to horrible as I much prefer the ‘old...

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Meathead Hippie Ep 53: with Dr Mike T Nelson: Metabolic Flexibility, Better Movement, and Fascia

enter site *From Meathead Hippie In this episode, Emily Schromm of Meathead Hippie, interviews little ol’ me. I sound like Dr. Frankenstein as I report how I was initially intrigued in the human...

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N1 Fitness Podcast EP 22: Metabolic Flexibility

english assignment help *From I had a blast chatting here with Marcus here about low carb, keto, high carb, performance, insulin, body composition & plenty more! Enjoy 🙂 We are talking...

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Episode 464 Iron Radio- Mail and News

click here *From It’s time to catch up on listener mail and news before heading into a few weeks of upcoming guests. Join in for a wide range of...