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Not reaching your goals? GOOD

Good?  How the heck is that a good thing? Watch the short video from Jocko below: **From If you did not reach your fitness goals in 2017…good.  Now is your time to recalibrate and reclaim them. If you want my personal help to do it, apply below. >>1-1 M3 Online Coaching<< click here.

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Episode 447 Iron Radio- Nerding out on science, creatine and supplement industry buyouts *From Since Phil was at a meet, myself and Dr Lonnie nerd out about the scientific process, research vs experience, and more . . . We also covered some buyouts in the supplement world and creatine having a greater effect in the upper body only  . . . perhaps? In the main feature, Dr. Danielle

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Episode 42 30/30 Health podcast HRV and Health

*From In this podcast, I'm interviewed by Dr. Ruiz.  Dr. Guillermo Ruiz NMD graduated from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. Prior to his doctorate, Dr. Ruiz spent his childhood in Mexico, before moving to Florida in 1996. Dr. Ruiz finished a Bachelor of Science Degree in Medical Sciences and a minor in Health

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Protein Dangerous? Dr. Stu Interview As a thank you for reading, I wanted to give you, my loyal newsletter readers, access to this short Q and A with world renowned dietary protein researcher, Dr. Stu Phillips. Over the course of just a few minutes, Dr. Philips busted some super common myths about dietary protein such as Is too much

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Episode 442 IronRadio – History of Powerlifting *From This week, after the mail and news, Dr. Lowery, Phil and I talk about Phil's upcoming powerlifting meet. We delve into his peaking philosophy, its evolution over the years, what goes through a veteran's mind, and how it differs from the thoughts of his novice clients. Also tune in for topics like

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Episode 440 IronRadio – Dumbells vs Barbells *From In the most recent episode of Iron Radio, Coach Stevens, Dr. Lowery and I tackle the listener mail and accompanying science, then move on to the Topic of the Day. Several questions get answered: • What are the best three dumbbell movements? • How do they get used differently in muscle sports?

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Whole eggs vs egg whites for Muscle Growth

Ever suffered through just plain egg whites? I will put my hand down now as I've done it many times. They are a great source or protein; however, they are pretty devoid of anything remotely close to any flavor. The old timers from 70+ years ago proposed that you needed some fat along with protein

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Episode 438 IronRadio – Giving Back *From Do lifters have unique abilities or traits that enable them to give back to the world in particularly strong ways? Phil Stevens, Dr. Lowery, and I discuss this topic after the mail and some talk on Achievements in Training. Is age a component? Training age Bionic bodies From physical characteristics to knowledge

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