NAFP Ep 15: Cardiac Adaptations – Concentric vs Eccentric Hypertrophy

Wrapping up our week here on exercise and, specifically, exercise adaptations. Hopefully, everyone's not too pissed off about the aerobic thing we did yesterday. But if they are, they will probably not be happy about the one we're doing today then either. But that's okay. So today we're talking about looking at cardiac tissue. Is

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NAFP Ep 14: Why you cannot just lift weights faster and call it cardio

During this episode, I chat about about exercise and mitochondrial madness. So mitochondria appear to be the new sexy topic in exercise physiology. While you'll commonly hear them called the powerhouse of the cell, it's kind of technically true, but they do a lot of other things in addition to creating energy for your cells.

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NAFP Ep 12: Exercise vs Recreation

As of this recording, you may hear some different noises in the background. I'm in South Padre Texas doing some kiteboarding. You're probably wondering what kiteboarding has to do with the topic of exercise this week (other than it is a very good exercise). And if you know me, you know I could probably do

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NAFP Ep 11: Doc & Doc – Interview with Dr. Andy Galpin

Today I have something super cool for you. This is an interview with my good buddy Dr. Andy Galpin from Cal State Fullerton. If you've been listening to some of my stuff for quite a while, or possibly some of Andy's stuff for quite a while, you may notice that this interview was originally aired

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Episode 550 Iron Radio – Minimums are Maximal

*from I have to admit that travel is epic, but it is great to be back home! Even if you don’t travel, I know you have times in your life that stress gets crazy.  How do you keep your fitness routine going? What modifications do you make? For myself and my clients, I like

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