Flex Diet Certification vs Precision Nutrition

What's the difference between your Flex Diet certification and Precision Nutrition (PN)? That is a great question that I wanted to answer here. In short, I love PN; and Dr John Berardi (aka JB) is the man. I was one of the first to see the PN material and was a moderator "back in the

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Episode 577 Iron Radio: Top Three Circuit Training Exercises

*from www.ironradio.org After covering weekly listener mail and news, on desiccated liver tablets and on NAD boosters, the guys offer their top 3 circuit training exercises to include in circuit training programs. Enjoy! Dr Mike miketnelson.com http://www.ironradio.org/Audio/577IronRadio_Top_3_Exerc_Circuit_Training.mp3  

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My #1 Most HATED Recovery Tip

What's my most hated recovery tip? You may be guessing it is some horrible cold water immersion or boring AF treadmill work. Good guess, but nope. My #1 recovery tip..... …..sleep more! It's a paradox since clients universally hated it when I talked about sleep with them; however, they loved the results when they actually did it. Sleep

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Sunlight to shrink fat cells? Really?

Imagine you just stepped out of your time machine after being transported back to Muscle Beach in its prime. You arrive to spot the likes of Vic Tanny, Joe Gold (of Gold's Gym fame), Jack LaLanne, Steve "Hercules" Reeves, Jack Delinger, and later, Dave Draper or even Arnold with his friends. They were all hanging

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3 Tips to Improve Metabolic Flexibility

I recently served on a roundtable of fitness experts featuring Dr. Layne Norton, Dr. Jose Antonio, Ben Esgro, Jermey Loenneke, Dr. Gabe Wilson, Dr. Jacob Wilson, and during this discussion, a participant asked a question: “What advice would you give to a fitness enthusiast looking to build muscle and lose fat?” For most lifters, these

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