Iron Radio Episode 615: Nate Hadd, Military Fitness Requirements

*from After discussing a bit of science news on whether female powerlifters or Olympic lifters have the densest bones, the guys talk with military careerist Nate Hadd to get the inside scoop on what special forces and other military groups expect of their soldiers. Can one be too muscular? Could

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Iron Radio Episode 614: Jen Bates, Transitioning Powerlifter to Strongman

Join the guys as they converse with strongman competitor Jen Bates on topics ranging from women in strength sports to advantages and disadvantages of moving from powerlifting to strongman. Caution, potty-mouth lifters at work in this episode. ► PRIVATE FORUMS:​ ► SUBSCRIBE:​ ► SUPPORT US ON PAYPAL (See mid-page

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S2_EP_41_Wrap up of the 2021 Society of NeuroSports Meeting: Neuro, Exercise, Brains and Cognition

I'm excited to bring you a report from the Society for Neurosports Conference in Florida. Here's a super-nerdy rundown on the latest and greatest in neuroscience and exercise physiology. Episode Notes The effect of aerobic exercise on cognition - having a "better brain" Dr. Wendy Suzuki-

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