Mindset is the rate limiting step for many many people in order for them to reach their goals.

The cool part is that it can be changed!

Transforming your body begins by transforming your mind.

And not the normal rah rah rah motivational quotes you see on Facebook.

That is cool, but it will only help get you through maybe 1 day.

It is like pushing the gas pedal down harder in a Yugo.   You will go faster for a bit, but it will not perform like a corvette.

Changing your mindset is like upgrading to the corvette.

Much faster results!

3 Neurology principles for faster results

1) Neuroplasticity

Even up to a few years ago, scientist believed that once you were fully matured, the number of brain cells you had was fixed; and it was all downhill from there as they could not regenerate themselves.   Later, it was discovered that they actually CAN regenerate, and do all the time.  The brain can change itself, even in old(er) age.

This is an amazing fact since it means that your current brain structure and function will change based on your experiences.   Provide experiences (especially new and novel ones) and your brain will change for the better

Why you should give a crap about neuroplasticity

This is powerful as it means when you are training someone, you are helping literally change their brain.   The catch is that you can make them better; or you can make them worse.    In this course, we will discuss ways you can make them better.

Neuroplasticity and What You Do About It

Our brains are already quite neuroplastic.  This biggest take away here is to realize that you have the power to literally change your brain.  At any age!

2) Association

Your brain (and your client’s brains if you are a trainer or coach) are always associating every movement/exercise with an emotion. This is how neurology works, and it can’t be stopped (nor would you want to stop it).

Why you should give a crap about association

You are shaping the associations generated.

If you are allowing associations that make you worse, you are doing yourself a disservice. Rule 1) When you find yourself in a hole – stop digging!

If you tell yourself that you hate cardio, and do cardio all the time with a mad sour puss face, you are telling your brain (and body) that this sucks.

However, if you do things that you enjoy, say car pushes instead, you are reinforcing that while it is hard, you enjoy it.

A bonus is that you are much more likely to keep doing things that you enjoy.

Big Take Away

If you really hate doing something, try to do less of it.   Find something you enjoy.  Do more of that.

3) Memory

Your brain is wired visually.

Quiz:  “How tall are the windows in your living room?”  What did you do to answer it?  You visualized yourself in your living room, right?  And you judged the height in relation to your height. You did not file a number away like a computer.   Because of this power to think in pictures, your brain is much more powerful than any computer.  The catch is that each time you recall any memory, you change it, just a bit.   Memories were once thought to be perfect and static.  With newer research, both of those aspects have been disproven.

Why you should give a crap about memory

Your path in life is determined by the conscious (and many times subconscious) stories which are held via memory.

Allow them to distort for the worse, and they will impeed your progress.

Tweak them just a bit, and you will make faster progress than ever before.

You can’t physically change the things that happened to you in the past, but you can alter your memories of them.   No need to have your future actions be held down by your past.


Neurology is helping provide all of us with some amazing new information that we can use to make ourselves better.

It all begins in our heads.

“Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you are correct.”

I love that line!  Just realize that it is only the beginning.

Digging into the stories we all hold in our mind and learning how to change them at the deepest level will bring about real change.

Dr. Mike