I had a blast doing this podcast with Mike Waywell and John Cunningham Listen in and find out if cardio is killing your gains?

Listen in as we discuss gainz and cardio:

  • The long history of Dr. Mike’s education (in seconds)
  • Auditing classes for fun? Really?
  • Extreme Human Performance: the backstory
  • Endurance training myths and truths: interference effect
  • How would you improve both endurance and strength?
  • Fasted or unfasted cardio?
  • What about for fat loss?
  • How to add HIIT in…
  • What is the recovery time?
  • For body composition…
  • Biofeedback: What, How, & Why?
  • HRV: How to use it? What can it tell you?
  • How does HRV work?
  • Piecing it all together: how does it look?
  • Tracking and monitoring is GOLD!!

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Increasing those gainz,
Dr Mike