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Check out the podcast I was a guest on below where we discuss just that with Ryan Munsey and Dr Shawn Baker of the Carnivore Diet

The Better Human Project #1: Dr. Shawn Baker and Dr. Mike T. Nelson

  • Dr. Shawn Baker explains the Zero Carb Diet aka Carnivore Diet for people who are living in a cave and how it changed his life.
  • Shawn explains the confirmation bias/echo chamber on forums from people who have tried the diet and say they are not doing well.
  • Mike argues what are good markers of health? What concerns does he see with this diet?
  • Shawn explains the issues he has with the RDI, standard American diet markers, and it’s context with the carnivore diet
  • Find out Shawn and Mike’s reactions from Ryan as he shares his data from his experience of 30 days on the carnivore diet.
  • How the animals you eat – and what they ate – impact the results of the Carnivore Diet?
  • Shawn explains why the ratio of HDL over triglycerides may be a more valuable health marker than cholesterol
  • Mike talks about the effects of high stress and having more micronutrients in the body
  • Mike explains will give extra credit to his students that can find a peer reviewed study that not only shows kidney damage, but damage from high protein diets
  • Find out the difference between sustainable farming and conventional farming and its impact on the environment
  • Is meat a health disaster? Find out Shawn’s thoughts.
  • Shawn gives his two cents on purchasing the best quality meat, labeling and environmental health impact
  • Will a meat only diet affect the microbiome poorly? Find out Shawn and Mike’s reaction.
  • January is World Carnivore Month! Find out how you can participate.
  • Shawn and Mike give their final thoughts on why you should try it and keep an open mind.