How to Recover from an Injury in Record Time

I recently returned from the epic ISSN meeting, and it was back to “normal” (if anything I do is really “normal”) Monday. I was tired and after a bit more coffee than usual, I made it to the commercial gym where I do more upper body “bro work” on Mondays. I was dragging in

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3 Step Process to Dominate Any Lift in the Gym

Steven Pressfield had a great short video the other day in response to the many questions he had received about how to write a book. Stay with me here, as this is related to lifting more weight. His answer was profound and simple instead of going off on some crazy technique or a 3-hour

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Bioenergetic BS – Is the Body Ever Truly Anaerobic?

As you know, I love helping you too with some solid info here that can go against the grain at times. One of them is that the standard method of bioenergetics is at best incomplete and at its worse, completely wrong. I am guilty of teaching it wrong in the past, so I am

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My Top 2 Lessons from 30 Years of Lifting

By now you know that in addition to my passion for all things exercise, nutrition, and human physiology overall, I love dark coffee (this AM was Bonefrog coffee), dark beer (last night was Guinness Coffee nitro), and dark metal music. Oh ya! This past week was the 30th anniversary of one of the best metal

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Burn the Ships – What are you Willing to Pay to Achieve Your Goals?

Time flies, even during hard times. 8 years ago, almost to the day, I did my PhD Defense . . . . . . and passed. To say that I was sweating bullets about it is an under statement. The overall PhD process from when I started through class work, teaching, lab assistant, completing

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Question About Sleep – and not the answer you would expect

I got the following question the other day from a student in the Flex Diet Mentorship program: "Is sleep much like nutrition in that as long as we get the optimal amounts in this case of macros and micros, over time we're all good, or with sleeping there is a greater need to get

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What You Need to Know About Grilling Meat and Carcinogens

I got this question last week in response to my protein series where I discussed my fav is a wood-smoked steak, reverse-seared at high heat at the end, with a nice Guinness coffee nitro stout. “Aren’t’ you concerned about HCAs from grilling?” To which I replied “Obviously not” Hahaha. While it is true that HCAs

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