Adaptive Homeostasis Part II

In my last article, I talked about the intrinsic process of homeostasis - the ability of your body to hold a specific parameter of physiology within a tight range - despite being exposed to a wide variety of stimulus. The example I used was core body temperature staying very close to 98.6F even when subjected

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Be Flexible (not what you are thinking)

It snowed in Minnesota the day right after the wonderful wifey arrived in S Padre TX, where it was a sunny 88F today. Since there was some wind, I opted yesterday to go kiteboarding in the afternoon. Unfortunately, it did not go as planned. I got my big 17M kite pumped up, launched, and started

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Episode 597-Iron Radio Stephanie Stepp Path to CrossFit

*from www.ironradio.org After sharing some science news on how to prevent muscle loss during deconditioning (hint: fish oils may help!), the guys chat with exercise physiology grad and CrossFit enthusiast, Stephanie Stepp. Tune in for topics like what attracted an educated woman into that world, staying competitive post-college, and tons more. Come on in! http://www.IronRadio.org

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The #1 Downside of Fitness Research

Ah.....nothing like hanging out on my couch on a cool Fall day with a fresh cup of Kick-Ass dark coffee post AM routine (red light, RPR, neuro rehab drills, cardio on the row and bike, cold water immersion in the ole freezer filled w water at 43F, reading brand new research. Yes, I read research

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Anabolic fish juice….say what?

Several years ago at a fitness conference, I had the following conversation with a "fit pro" (that word fit pro triggers me to no end for some reason). Fit Pro: Yo, I have been taking this new supplement and it has really helped my recovery big time. Me: Really, what is it? Fit Pro: Fish

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Stack the deck in your favor…

Greetings from the early AM hours on a Saturday here in Minnesota where I am going behind the cheddar curtain to Wisconsin for the Reflexive Performance Rest (RPR) Level 2 course in a few hours after recording Iron Radio. Wait, you may be saying, why is this nerd taking the RPR Level 2 class when

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Mouth vs Nasal Breathing

Nasal breathing is all the rage now, and for good reason. But like all things, just adding it is not the best idea. You want to have an assessment and a solid progression. A rough marker of progress is what HR can you hit and hold doing nasal breathing? I've been doing this with clients and myself

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Flex Diet Podcast: S2 Ep 11 How To Improve Your Breathing – an Interview with Rob Wilson from Shift Adapt

Dr. Mike T Nelson and Rob Wilson from shiftadapt.com talk about breathing, CO2 vs. Oxygen, nasal breathing, good places to start, anti-fragility, mental resilience, and kiteboarding ) Dr. Mike’s all-time favorite subject). After 5,000 years breathing is “sexy” again! We discuss: Breathing from an evolutionary and survival aspect Self-regulation vs. self-optimization- why you should still

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