Today after my upper body lifting session of axle bench press, trap bar deadlifts and some accessory rows with mechanical drop sets, pressdowns, axle curls, cable rows with the rolling thunder handle, and neck isometrics, I hopped into my freezer filled with 47 F cold water.

Wait…..isn’t there data to show that doing cold water post lifting or cold water immersion (CWI) immediately decreases hypertrophy?


Then why did I do it anyway?

Honestly, the main reason was that my wonderful wifey Jodie was not feeling good this AM so I was helping her and I did not do my normal AM routine of biking, walk, neuro rehab drills, cold water, and meditation; thus I did it post lifting.

I could have skipped it of course, but I want to do something hard virtually every day.

While cold water does get better with adaptation – it is still hard to jump in there. Even after my 60 days in a row of it during lockdown, day 61 still sucked large moose balls.

I did it anyway.

Find something that sucks and do it.

You will be better for it.

It may be a 500M or 2k on the rower.

A 5k on the Assault bike.

Reverse sled drags.



Or just getting to the gym some days.

Do it.

You will be better for it, trust me.

It is go time!

Dr Mike

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