Hola! from Costa Rica post 48-hour digital detox here. It was great to spend time relaxing and watching time just go by.

I found it interesting that time seemed to slow to a crawl.

One of the ongoing improvements I am working on (and have been for several years) is the feeling of “there is not enough time” – which points to a larger issue of always taking on new things.

Time was slooooooow.

At first, it was quite odd and strange. At 11 am I thought for sure it was 2 pm.

Everyone has the same amount of time, but your perception of it can change. I am sure you have had the experience of time either speeding or feeling like it was dragging. The same amount of time still passed; however, your perception of it was different.

I realized that building in more time to decompress, remove inputs and allow my perception of time to slow down is great and needed.

If you feel like you are stressed due to “not enough time,” I would highly encourage you to pull back from some inputs and build in more time to chill, relax, call a friend, dance, learn to kiteboard, read, learn, listen to music, meditate, breathe, sleep, pray.

It may feel hard and foreign at first.

Stick to it.

Relax into it.

Watch your fitness goals of better performance, body comp, and more muscle happen faster.

You can do it!

Your body and physiology will thank you.

Hit me back with when you are going to take a bit of time away and how it goes.

Talk soon!
Dr Mike