Discipline is to punch the clock by lifting the weights with violent consistency.

Day in; day out.

Some days will be easy.

Some days will be hard and suck huge moose balls.

Some days may be only mobility work and light cardio.

Other days are hitting a new 1 RM.

You will have a few days where you are best served to just walk out of the gym after you warm up. I’ve had a few of those over the past month.

The key is to take one step closer to your goals each and every day.

Test it out.

Go to the gym or where you lift now.

Drink the coffee.


Get in a good state.

Start slow.

Crank the tunes (metal of course).

Do the work.

See what is possible for your body on that day, not what anyone else is doing; especially on social media.

Do that for days, weeks, months, years, decades, and you cannot fail.

The journey is the goal.

Go forth and progress!
Dr Mike


Mike T Nelson CISSN, CSCS, MSME, PhD
Associate Professor, Carrick Institute
Owner, Extreme Human Performance, LLC
Editorial Board Member, STRONG Fitness Mag


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