Hola from S Padre TX where the wind has been stupid light so I have been doing my AM routine, lifting, and cranking on work.

We did get out today and did a downwinder from the end of the island, although the wind kept getting lighter and lighter. The waves were not monsters, but over head high in places without a ton of power in the kite had my sphincter puckering at times.

We pulled the plug 2 miles into the downwinder and made it safely to shore. Wahooo.

Stressors are what make life interesting!

After talking about the effect of aging (disuse) on your ability to adapt to these stressors via adaptive homeostasis in another blog post, I wanted to give you practical example of what this looks like in the really real world – one that is non kiteboarding related.

The nice part is that you can stack several of these interventions into one exercise.

For example, a simple morning walk (not even run) hits on 7 different variables – all at the same time.

Listen in to my latest podcast where I cover each one.

>> 7 Reasons To Do an AM Walk For Recovery <<

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By layering, you don’t need to spend an extra 2 hours on this work every day.

Even a few minutes a day makes a difference.

And if you are super hardcore and already have your AM walk nailed tighter than the seal on your mail in ballot, check out the Human Outliers Podcast where I was a guest recently.

Zach Bitter quizzes me on all things high performance related to endurance, cardiovascular development and more specifically – how do you fuel for big race days? Which is better- carbs or fats?

Zach is a beast of an ultramarathon runner and currently is the world record holder in the 100 mile race.

Yes, running 100 miles all at the same time.

While that is most likely not your goal (nor is it even on my radar personally),keep in mind that the “extremes inform the mean” and the lessons learned from fueling world record status can be applied to a lesser degree to your training.

>>Human Outliers Podcast <<

>> HOP on Youtube <<

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