One of the big things that jumped out to me was that almost everyone in the study (again, I’m being vague a little bit on purpose because I haven’t seen all the raw data. And, as I said, we’re in the process of publishing this. So I can talk more specifically about my own data) But in general, most of the people got better at the accessory lifts during the study. If you remember from the episode yesterday, we did the same study, set up the same lifting routine that took about two hours to complete each day and then repeated that for four days in a row. Now my thought going into this would be that because of fatigue, the performance, especially on the accessory list would have started to go down around day three. And especially on day four. That was kind of my hypothesis going into the study about what we saw was literally the direct opposite of that. Now you’re probably wondering like, well what the heck? What is potentially going on with that? Listen in to find out more.

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