We’re wrapping up our series on an in-depth look at the main fuels (fats and carbs) and their friends (lactate and ketones).

Today, we’ll be focusing on lactate – otherwise known as lactic acid. Visit Finally, understand nutrition on a whole new level. The Flex Diet Certification only opens 4x a year. Get on the waitlist to get notified for the next class.


  • Misunderstood Lactate Dr George Brooks : The Science and Translation of Lactate Shuttle Theory
  • Comprehensive review on lactate metabolism in human health
  • Heart Rate and Lactate During Endurance
  • Training Programs in Rowing and its Relation to the Duration of Exercise by Top Elite Rowers
  • Dr Rhonda Patrick and Dr George Brooks discuss lactate
  • Dr Andy Galpin on Lactate
  • Carrick Human Performance Program
  • Exercise Physiology: Human Bioenergetics and Its Applications 4th Edition
  • Navigating Metabolism 1st Edition

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