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Greetings from Hood River OR where I am headed out to kiteboard here but wanted to let you know about a super cool podcast below.

Hopefully, I make it back to shore post session and not get swept down the river here in the Gorge.

As you know, I’ve been doing a bunch of traveling, and I was in Los Angeles CA a few months ago.   While I was there, I got to visit my buddy Justin Schollard at Performance Code, and we did a fun podcast at his gym.

Check out the interview below.

Is your body efficient enough to use fat AND carbs for energy –  allowing you to build muscle while staying lean?

Metabolic flexibility can be achieved by anyone, but you have to know what to eat and when.

Plus we talk about all sorts of stuff such as:

  • How I started as a 6’3” 156 lb eel in college
  • Why the Presidential Fitness test screwed me up
  • Cadaver work –super fun
  • Med tech industry
  • Ketogenic diet experiment
  • Proper way to match nutrition to exercise
  • Train like an animal but eat like a bird = failure
  • How to burn more fat
  • What determines how many carbs you can eat?
  • Blood glucose measurement experiment
  • Carbohydrate adaptations
  • Rapid nutrition adaptation to diets
  • More testosterone with exercise is good, right? Nope
  • 3 main drivers of overload – you must track these
  • How much protein do you need each day?
  • Strength is a skill
  • And more


Let me know what you think!
Time to ride,
Dr Mike
Mike T Nelson CSCS, MSME, PhD
Owner, Extreme Human Performance, LLC
Editorial Board Member, STRONG Fitness Mag