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Konnichiwa from Japan where I currently stick out like out like a porcupine at a nudist’s colony.
Turns out there are not too many 6’3” blond haired people here!  Go figure.
Dr. Lowery-San along with his grad students and my wife Jodie are having a blast. Everyone has been super nice.
While we are here having our international nerd-fest, Dr Lowery, myself, and the crew at Iron Radio pre-recorded a new episode for you.
Time Warp << Click here to listen.
I think I am bending the space-time continuum by sending this email from the future in Japan (literally) to an episode that was recorded before we left.     How ‘bout dem apples (or sushi?)
  • length of mesocycles to prevent spinning your wheels
  • changing your long term goals
  • avoiding career washout
  • knee pain in the back squat
  • how to address that knee pain
  • and much more
Ok, time for more sake.   Go to the link below to listen in
Dr Mike