Dr. Mike’s Favorites



NuroSpectrum 360

My go to is NeuroSpectrum 360.   They have a ton of data behind the final version of their product.  I have used this one for over 4 years now and love it. Use the discount code DrMike for 15% off.

You can listen to my podcast on why a multi-vite is a good idea HERE.


Qualia Mind

If you are looking for a nootropic that is not beat you over the head stim heavy, this is my go to 4-5 days a week for writing and program design. 

If you want more long term effects, go with the Qualia Mind.  If you are on a budget and are interested in more short term effects, go with Qualia Focus.

If you want a shot RTD drink version, they have one too.

Heart Rate Variability

Ithelte – for a single point measure in the AM to guide training.

Oura ring – for sleep quality (about 70% accurate) and overall HRV


NR and NMN are all the rage now and I have not used either one yet.   I have my doubts that a simple molecule based formula will be best for a complex physiologic process like longevity.  In the meantime I will hedge my bets with Eternus from Neurohacker Collective.  I used it for 3 months and saw a huge jump up in my HRV which translated into better aerobic performance at a lower stress level.   It is expensive and not worth it if you are not sleeping well, training and eating nutritious food.  Once you have those dialed and want to go a step further, check it out.


I was skeptical about this for some time until I spent a bunch of time reviewing the research.  To my surprise, the research basis is very solid.  I have been using this device for several months now for 10 -15 minutes in the AM. 

Gym Eqiupment

Elite FTS

I have their 2×2 rack, TX power bar, trap bar, neutral bar, Safety Squat bar and random other items.  Love them. 

Anything from Rogue

Iron Mind Crush Grippers

Fat Bastard Barbell Company: I have their smaller Inch DB replica their Saxon Pinch bar – love them.  Tell Andrew I sent ya

Sorinex: They have been supporting grip strength and all forms of strength for 40 years.   

Concept 2 Rower

I love and hate the rower.  It is brutal and will always kick you the real deal.   I added one to my garage gym 1.5 years ago and it was the best equipment investment of the year.

I can walk out and do everything from an aerobic base session in the AM fasted to a brutal set of intervals. The rower can also be stood up on end so the foot print when not in use is very small.    

In my book there is no comparison of rowers out there – the Concept 2 is by far the best.   If you can’t afford one now, I would prefer to see you save your money then buy a cheaper one. 


I still love the Dragon Door ones.  I’ve had them for going on 12+ years now and they still work great.    They have traveled all over the USA from S. Padre TX to Hood River OR.

Misc Faves!

Traumatic Brain Injury

For in person clinic work I highly recommend Dr Jeremy Schmoe. I’ve had him do work on me and I trust only a handful of docs. Nothing to disclose on either other than I do some exercise / HRV monitoring work with some clients post treatment from Dr Schmoe out of his office

Center for Brain Plasticity: Dr Matt and Dr Adam along with their staff are epic.  You are in great hands and I have learned a ton from both of them.  Highly recommended. 


Strong Coffee Company

I am a huge coffee fan.   I love local roasted coffee of all forms.  If you an support your local roaster, do it.

For home when I need a kick in the ole glut max, my go to Strong Coffee Company.  They blend in a few nootropics like neurofactor, L-Theanine into a standardize caffeine amount along with collagen and MCT. 

I am generally not a sweet coffee fan, although I do love their sweeter version (red package).

The travel packs are epic when I am on the road and I always bring some with on my travels.   This past year they showed up at the Grip Competition in Finland to before I was teaching Module 3 of the Carrick Human Performance Course in Sweden.

Children's Book

Mr. Mole Goes to Sleep

Mr. Mole character is based on my love for the acquisition and practical application of science to fitness and life. The Mr. Mole character actually is me, Dr. Mike, because I also read medical research for fun! It was written by my wife Jodie Nelson.

Each article Mr. Mole reads leads him into a research rabbit hole. He happily shares his geeky findings with friends like you which is why you’ll see the Mr. Mole icon will appear throughout our website. This indicates there’s more in-depth discussion to be had about that particular topic or that there are more sciencey references attached.

Blood Work / Testing

Ulta Labs

Most states will allow you to purchase your own lab work, get the restuls and then share them with your doc.  The Omega 3 test via Dr Doug Bilbus – he is my go to researcher on all things omega 3 and fish oil  / lipids.

I’ve been using his at home test for over 7 years now.

Kiteboarding Kite


Currently I fly kites from Blade.  I have the 8M, 12M, 14M Trigger and the 17M Fat Lady.  I love the way they fly – super stable and jump well too.   


For kiteboards and travel bags I use Litewave created and run by Litewae Dave himself.   I have the Carbon Kick and the Carbon 155 cm Wing – which is amazing on those light wind days.   

No disclosures here, Dave paid me nothing to say nice things about his products

Top Metal Bands

Too many to list, but a few of my favorites:

  • August Burns Red
  • Lamb of God
  • Front Line Assembly
  • Ventanna
  • Zao
  • Metallica- they are in their mid 50s and still rip!
  • Tool
  • Slayer
  • Hatebreed
  • Anthrax
  • Cyanotic

Continuing Education

Nutrition Certification

Flex Diet Certification Course

Of course I am biased as I created it! But I believe this really is the best nutrition course you can take online today if you want to be a great nutrition coach.

Nutrition Certification

Precision Nutrition

You are probably wonder why the heck I recommend PN when I created my own nutrition / recovery cert? 

Because PN is awesome!  Dr John Beradi and his staff has done a stellar job with all the material.    I was one of 5 peer reviewers on the latest edition and loved it. 

Note: FDC vs PN  – If you want to go deep on habit change, do PN first.   If you want more of the habit/ pych portion “baked in” and want to go deeper on the physiology aspects, then do FDC first.    In the end, I would recommend that you do both.

Optimizing Adaptation & Performance

Optimal Adaptation Performance

I am not overly impressed with many paid lecture products, but this one is epic.  I bought it with my own money and this is not sponsored.   Excellent lectures from DR James LaValle and Kevin.

Human Performance Course

Carrick Institute for Clinical Neuroscience

Ultra high end athletic performance from strength, cardiovascular, nutrition  /recovery and neurology, it has you covered.

I am biased as I spent 4+ years along with Dr Freddys Garcia, Dr Kenneth Jay, Dr Joe Clark and even Dr Carrick himself developing this course from scratch.

We wanted a course that was based on the most up to date research and was practical.    I am super proud of how it turned out.

Program Design Course

Muscle Nerds

Run by my good friend Luke.   Always great information and fun courses.  Not recommended it you are easily offended – I warned ya!   Tell Luke I sent ya.

Strength Development Course

Cal Dietz at XL Athlete and TriPhasic Training

I’ve been blessed to know Cal for over 12 years now.  Every time I talk to him I learn something new.   He is a very rare breed of coach that reads research, is willing to experiment and test his own assumptions.   

Best kept secret

Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR)

If I could wave my magic wand and require training for all trainers, I would have them do Precision Nutrition, Flex Diet Cert and RPR.

RPR is way to activate your muscles for better function and allow your body to thrive. It has been a massive game changer for me.

You can take the level 1 online or in person.  Level 2 is only done in person. If you get really good at RPR- which does not take that long – you will be a local rock star at your gym.   

Nothing to disclose here – I do teach for RPR and am paid for teaching level 1 and 2

Destination Based Cont. Edu

BroResearch Center

Anything my buddy Dr Ben House does is epic.  Buy it.  I’ve been to many of his events in Costa Rica at Flo and it is always an amazing time.

Destination Based Cont. Edu

The Points Retreats

Christa and her staff here does an amazing job with every event.  I’ve been blessed to present there several times and each time it is wonderful.    Beautiful location with amazing food too.


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