You may have heard me ramble on and on about the Flex Diet Certification and how it can take your coaching to the next level.

Don’t just take my biased word for how awesome it is! Here is what Chelle had to say:

“Oh my word I LOVE this course!

You and your knowledge transfer style are flipping amazing. Your voice is calming and the concepts just make so much damn sense.

I’m so grateful I stumbled on the OHPS. I’m even more grateful I found you and this course!!

It’s funny, and I’m oversharing I’m sure but when I found your email all the way below I had been doing my morning prayer in my Bible app and dropped my phone. When I picked it up I accidentally hit the app and my email opened and I of course distracted started checking my messages.

I had been and have been praying for wisdom in all of this because I’ll be honest, science is no gift of mine.

You through this course are giving me so much!! And, thank you for checking on me😁

Also, Jodie is the bomb! So responsive and kind!

Just finishing up the podcast with Stu Phillips. It’s all just so interesting!!” -Chelie Simmons

Any questions about the Flex Diet Cert, just hit me up.

Dr Mike

PS – If you’ve ever wondered what’s the difference between the Flex Diet cert and Precision Nutrition, check out my article.