What’s the difference between your Flex Diet certification and Precision Nutrition (PN)?

That is a great question that I wanted to answer here.

In short, I love PN; and Dr John Berardi (aka JB) is the man. I was one of the first to see the PN material and was a moderator “back in the day” on the forums. I crashed their potluck last time I was in Toronto, which was a blast. I was even one of 5 reviewers on the all-new PN material that just came out.

The main difference is that PN is more habit-based and provides education on the many options you can do. It is very heavy on the psych side, in my option, . . . which is totally great as people need to know that material for sure.

The Flex Diet Cert is more on the physiology side and more directed/ranked, so you have a clearer idea of exactly what you need to do with a client. The interventions (8 of them) are put in order with the highest leverage ones first in the course.

That way you can literally start with a client once you have completed module 1. There is still psychology, but it is more “baked into” the program.

For example, the interventions are ranked not only on physiology but also the ability to change (which I call “coaching leverage”). Sleep has a very high physiologic component to help clients achieve better body comp and performance, except it ranks very low on the ability of clients to actually change. Thus, it is intervention #8 in the course.

Dietary protein on the other hand is very high on physiologic impact AND client ability to change; thus, it is #1 and is the first module.

The course is only 8 modules and was designed to be shorter than PN on purpose.

Each module has a theory lecture, specifics on the intervention, and then 5 specific action steps to take plus 1-2 expert interviews.

The action steps are based on the client’s response. It is a flexible approach within a framework – just like bumper bowling.

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And you can like/do both if you want. If one approach fits your personality/approach better, go for it. I am not in the business of selling fear, hence I am not going to “scare you” into my approach.

Dean has done both, so check out the testimonial below for his take…

“There are very few people I will go out on a limb for to write reviews…but I make an exception when I feel like I got way more than I paid for. Mike T Nelson has been a pretty big influence on me in terms of how I approach consuming information.

The one thing he has quite a big background in is nutrition and more specifically, Metabolic Flexibility. So, I figured if I was going to add something new to my wheelhouse I might as well go straight to the source.

The Flex Diet Certification course was wikid!

You get his whole system and how to use it immediately. The best part is how he outlines how to apply it in your personal practice or with your clients. It is awesome to learn about the method for myself, but the huge part is a step by step process in the form of action steps that makes rolling out the system incredible easy. Implementation with clients was WAY easy.

If you are interested in taking your nutrition game to the next level this would be the first place to start in my opinion.

The cost to have over 20 hours of lectures with slides, references, and video is something that is worth much more than the cost of entry.

The course was F-ing awesome. The system is just easy to implement. Honestly, way better than PN in terms of out-of-the-gate application. –Dean Gudeo, Fitness Professional, Canada

>> Flex Diet Cert <<

See you there!

Dr Mike


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