Stephen Horney from Integrated Health Sciences turns the tables on Dr. Mike T Nelson and interviews him for this episode of the Flex Diet Podcast. Stephen’s questions allow us to get to know Dr. Mike and follow his journey to where he is today. Dr. Mike also shares what he wishes he knew when he was younger.

They discuss:

  • Dr. Mike’s early medical history
  • Beer golf
  • Schooling
  • Graduate work
  • How Dr. Mike started with metabolic flexibility
  • What people are getting right and wrong with HRV and Metabolic Flexibility
  • What he wishes he had known early on
  • What does the next frontier look like
  • Find Stephen at or IG @ihealthsciences

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S2_EP_12: Interview with Dr Mike T Nelson -Steve Turns the Tables and Interviews Me Today

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Rock On!
Dr Mike

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