Want to reach your fitness goals?

(Heard any of the statements before???)

Just work harder.

Not doing HIIT? Start doing Tabatas 3 times a day? you lazy pile of poo. =)

Only lifting Mon, Wed, Fri? Start lifting every day. We all know that volume is the key driver since 7 PhDs and 4 meta-analyses said so.

Only cut your calories by 250 kcal per day to get leaner. Nonsense Bro-Ski, you need to slash by 1,000 kcal per day to see dem abZ in record time.

Still, eating carbz? WTH, don’t you know that they release dat insulin which inhibits fat loss. You must crush carbZ to ruthlessly low levels for better body comp.

Veggies? Dr Carnivore says they contain toxic components that are bad for your health so cut them out too.


According to the internet culture, being more hardcore solves ALL your fitness issues.


Yes, the above can yield short-term results for sure; but long term, you will be as happy with them as a fish stuck in a tree.

Since when did “just try Hardcore Hustle Harder” solve anything…ever?

  • By all means, you need to do the work.
  • Put in the action.
  • You will have days where it is hard.
  • You will have times where you need to summon all your intrinsic motivation and bitch slap those safe limbic thoughts. Those days must be rare.

If every day, you need 2 pots of coffee, 3 David Goggins’ videos, and 10 minutes of 3H –hardcore hustle harder self-talk, you are on the fast path to implosion.

Stop driving your body like a stolen car.

Step back.

Do intelligent work.

Put in the time.


Toss the hardcore hustle harder model in the trash and set it on fire.

You got this!
Dr. Mike T Nelson