Hola from Minnesota . . .

where I am back upright after getting hit with a nasty cold.  Ugh.  I was down for the count this past Friday and Saturday.

While getting a cold sucks, I will heal and have a better resistance to those little critters.   Travel can be a massive pain in the ole tuchus, but the experience of it makes it all worth while.

Along that vein, I wanted to share this wonderful post from Tomas Valverde who competed with use at the Bonehill Grip Competition at Hotelli Salpa in Finland recently.

Tomas was one of the very first people to put into practice the Gym Movement methods of biofeedback many years ago.

I was honored to meet him in person in Finland just recently.

Here is what he had to say about the event.

I wanted to share this with you since lifting can be a powerful way to connect and go beyond just the numbers game.

Take it away Tomas:

“I made a separate post for this, because on this Saturday Aug 17, 2019 there was a most special moment in the time of my life.

At the Bonehill Grip Contest 2019, I met the legendary strongman Adam T. Glass after knowing him through the Internet for nearly a decade.

Adam is a certified Movement Educator of The Movement, founded by Frankie the creator of Gym Movement Protocol with which both Adam and I make measurable progress every time we train.

But that’s not all: with the help of the concepts and principles of The Movement we’ve been able to improve ourselves in many other aspects of life than just the gym.

After the awards ceremony I went to talk to him (I don’t remember our conversation word-for-word, so I quote as well as I can remember):

“Hey Adam, may I talk you for a minute?

Listen, had I not learned the ways of The Movement from you and Frankie, I’d still be the kid with social anxiety and chronic pain and very poor social skills I was a decade ago. I just wanted to say thank you.”

He told me:

“Tomas, we showed you the way, you took the action to get better.”

Yes, indeed. I actually took action and got out of the chasm I had

fallen into!

Before we went our ways to mingle with the others, he said something that had me holding back tears with all my might upon hearing:

“I’m very proud of you, Tomas. Keep getting better.”

I didn’t hear that too often growing up.

Later that evening, as Adam was about to leave with his lovely wife Ashley Glass and the Nelsons back to their cabins at Taavetti, I said something that made him laugh:

“Hey Adam, one more thing: hashtag, PR everyday.”

On we will go; not dying full of regrets, but living and getting better at the gym and elsewhere before the end comes. I’ll state my case once more:

Thank you.  Tomas.”

That is EPIC!  Huge thanks to Tomas for putting the work to get better everyday.

Powerful things happen when you put in the work.   Love it!  #DoSomething

Dr Mike