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Get strong, improve muscle tone, develop your body, and feel great. I’ll show you the ropes — rather, the science, studies, and training results that actually work.



This just in: You do NOT have to eat shoe leather chicken breast and soggy broccoli to see better results. Fat loss does not have to automatically be that restrictive.



I know how frustrating it can be to diet and workout without seeing awesome results. But I GUARANTEE you will see and feel results within the first few weeks with one of our online training programs. 


“I cannot thank Dr. Mike T Nelson enough for all of his help getting me back to respectable weights after my injuries and health issues. Applying Heart Rate Variability science with Daily Undulating Periodization has increased my total from 1030 to 1163 from my first meet to my second. Mike Nelson chatted with me and had me run a completely new way of tapering and peaking. I was COMPLETELY prepared. Thank you for being an awesome coach!”

John Garafano / MBA, CFT Owner, Strength is Life, LLC

“I met Dr. Mike a couple of years ago through MPI. His first lessons with MPI caught my attention right away. As I got to know him virtually, then later in person, I knew this was a man with smarts that I wanted to learn from. I signed up with him online with his training program and worked with him for a few months. Since then, my entire outlook on training has changed. I've been hitting PR's consistently for months and more than that, I'm feeling really great. He helped me to learn how to slow down and be patient. He helped me to learn, so that I could use the information with my own training clients. He continues to give support and has become a truly trusted source of knowledge and information for me. Thanks Doc! I appreciate everything you've done for me.

Siriji Lamenzo / Personal Trainer at Golden State Fitness & Performance, LLC

Dr. Mike is a fantastic coach!!! Before working with Mike, I was tired all the time and stressed out from over training and couldn't drop any weight. Mike helped me with nutrition and programmed my training sessions so it took all of the guess work out of everything and helped me every step of the way. While working with Mike for six months, I learned to listen to my body and train smarter. I relaxed, lost weight and enjoyed being back in the gym again; which is something that I dreaded in the past. I would highly recommend him!”

Melisa / Realtor


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