Huge thank you to everyone who enrolled in this round of the Flex Diet Cert! Wahooo! Super stoked for all of you and I am excited to help you out with the material.

In addition to yours truly nerdy having an epic 28+ miles of kiteboarding here in Minnesota this past weekend, I have a new Iron Radio episode for you about arm training!

After sharing some nutrition health news on vitamin D, red meats, and turmeric extracts, Dr. Lowery joins Phil and me for a discussion on big arms. Topics include tips, favorite exercises, and past exploits surrounding biceps and triceps training. This includes my story of training arms on a cruise with my nerdy neuro friends. Short version – we were sore for the rest of the cruise.

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Dr Mke

PS – we also did a new episode of Iron Radio taste test too. This time on bacon jerky below!