*From Meathead Hippie

In this episode, Emily Schromm of Meathead Hippie, interviews little ol’ me.

I sound like Dr. Frankenstein as I report how I was initially intrigued in the human body when I learned the ins and outs of fascia by studying cadavers!

We move to the topic of Metabolic flexibility and she quotes a good summary sentence here . .  “Metabolic flexibility is a spectrum that evaluates how well the body can use carbs and fat for energy, if needed.” I provided some examples of how to use the concepts of metabolic flexibility by fat burning and intermittent fasting to help decrease insulin levels, which in turn changes body composition!

Content Summary:

  • 8:40 Mike’s Personal Background (heart failure and heart surgery at 4 then fast foward to interested in anatomy and worked on cadavers as an undergrad student
  • 14:30 What Exactly Is Fascia? Bands or sheets of connective tissue in the body “Fascia goes everywhere in the body and helps reinforce a lot of the other structures.”
  • 23:00 Breathing Mechanics of the Body A scale for your brain to utilize: “How long can we go without something?” Breathing interventions could make breathing more efficient.
  • 31:20 Why Better Posture Doesn’t Stick “You have to change the base of which the systems operate.” Unconscious vs. conscious decisions and visceral mobility
  • 42:00 Heart Rate Variability Measuring heart rate and heart rate variability
  • 50:00 Metabolic Flexibility = a test to see how well the body can use fat or carbs as energy when needed
  • 58:00 A Cyclical Ketogenic Diet The body is not able to adapt to carbs as well because it is attuned to using mostly fat as fuel
  • 63:00 Intermittent Fasting for Low Insulin “Muscle glycogen is really only depleted by muscular work.”
  • 69:00 Regulating Carbohydrates Examining sleeping habits, stress and exercise while regulating carbs Tips on how to better utilize fat as fuel
  • 76:15 Spirit Animal