Greetings from Montana where the wonderful wifey and I are in the process of heading to Hood River OR with a stopover in Bozeman MT for about 36 hours. Before my food gets here, I wanted to drop you a note that Dr. Lisa Lewis was on the Iron Radio podcast this week to talk about mental skills for fitness pros, as well as mental resiliency.

She dropped some great knowledge about the psych side of lifting.

Check it out below:

>> Iron Radio Psych Skills << podcast w Dr Lisa Lewis

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I also wanted to drop you a note if you had any questions about Dr. Lisa’s course Psych Skills for Fitness Pros.

I loved it so much I sent her this testimonial:

“I’ve had the luxury of working with Dr. Lisa over the past several months with a fitness client and it has been immensely helpful. Not only does she have a great ability to get to the root cause of why a client is stuck, she understands what it is like to work with fitness professionals too. This is a very rare combination in my experience and definitely needed in the fitness world. If you can work with her in person or are able to get her course, I would highly recommend it. Do it!”

Any questions on it, hit me up as I am riding out to Hood River OR tomorrow for 12 + hours.

Dr. Mike

PS – I am an affiliate for it, and I would not recommend anything that I did not love

>>Pysch Skills for Fitness Pros <<

Dr. Mike

PS- if you loved this podcast with Dr. Lisa Lewis, you will LOVE her course on Psych Skills for Fitness Pros. Yes, I am an affiliate for it, but I wish I had this course 15 years ago. It is very well done!

>>Pysch Skills for Fitness Pros <<


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