Greetings from Dallas TX as we are on the road to South Padre Island. While here in Dallas for just the one day, we crashed with our friends Adam Glass and his wife Ashley.

As is typical when we get together, we eat lots of protein – just had some local brisket, and chat about training.

One concept that Adam brought up had me shaking my head in agreement so hard it was almost like being at a Slayer concert, was the idea of “move where you can.”

Stuck on your fat loss plan?

Not adding weight to the bar in the gym?

Blood glucose is headed to the stratosphere?

The typical Goo Too based advice is to keep working harder in a direct linear fashion.

When you get stuck on fat loss, you just need to cut calories even more.

Not getting stronger? Bro, you need to double your volume and take each set to beyond failure to impress Mike Mentzer’s reincarnated gym ghost.

Blood glucose is wacky – you must need the newest supplement.

The hard part is that the above advice will work – unitl it doesn’t.

When it stops working, “trying harder” is not going to help. In fact, it will only compound the downsides.

Cutting calories will result in more fatloss, but when it is too aggressive your body will work to conserve fat even more, turn down NEAT, and dramatically increase hunger. You are let to just white knuckle it so you don’t go face down in a pint of Ben and Jerrys.

The solution is to move where you can.

Add calories back for a week or two then go again.

Add more weight to the bar, but only do a triple for two sets.

After a high carb meal go for a walk.

Move where you can.

Don’t stay stuck and double down on the very thing that resulted in you becoming stuck.

Be a bit better, then a bit better, then a bit better.

Speaking of moving, time to hit the gym here,

Dr Mike

PS- stay tuned for a method of how to look for uncharted leverage when you get stuck.