Before the pandemic, the wonderful wifey and I traveled a lot. So much so that I get to test out all sorts of travel “hacks”.  Lucky for you, through lots of trial and I error, I’ve discovered my #1 travel hack.

Side note, I dislike the word hack as imagine Bill the Cat coughing up a hairball each time I hear it.

travel hack

Much of my travel testing has been a bust, but every so often I find something that helps.

That was the case with adding specific electrolytes and even more fluids during my time crammed into the 30,000-foot high sardine can. My favorite one is LMNT. which packs a bunch of sodium (that is good), electrolytes with a natural flavor and is sweeter to boot.

Plus it tastes amazing. Yes, taste matters as it is much harder to drink enough fluids when it tastes like cat piss.

Check it out!

travel hack

Dr Mike

PS- Yes, the link above is an affiliate link so I do make a couple bucks off it. I have been using LMNT on my own dime for the past year via many flights to Finland, Sweden, Australia, LA, etc. Luis and Tyler from Keto Gains turned me on to it. The single-serving packs are epic and easy to drop into your bag. It even made the horrible LAX water taste good.

Learn more about LMNT.  Also, check out the mistake I made by not getting enough salt while training in the heat.