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Check out this fun podcast where we chat about metabolic flexibility, HRV & RPR.

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example thesis introduction about technology 0:00 – 4:00 – ROBBIE INTRO’S THE SHOW AND ASKS MIKE TO INTRODUCE HIMSELF

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viagra patent generic 4:01 – 8:58 – Robbie asks Mike how he funded himself through all his education?

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cialis or viagra stronger erection 8:59 – 12:11 – Robbie asks Mike who have been his biggest influences

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follow url 12:12 – 23:22 – Robbie asks Mike how he has got involved with so many different organizations, such as, Z-Health, The Carrick Institute, and Reflexive Performance Reset?

statistic homework help 22:23 – 25:45 – Robbie asks Mike how does his decide what continuing education to pursue?

how to make a liquid viagra 25:46 – 31:10 – Robbie asks Mike about how he got into researching metabolic flexibility?

dissertation research design 31:11 – 33:18 – Robbie asks Mike what is metabolic flexibility?

buy online uk viagra 33:19 – 36:37 – Robbie asks Mike what does pathological metabolic flexibility look like? 36:38 – 38:29 – Robbie asks Mike how can someone test their metabolic flexibility outside of a laboratory setting?

38:30 – 41:03 – Robbie asks Mike how fast can an individual switch between fuel sources? 41:04 – 48:15 – Robbie asks Mike how can you improve metabolic flexibility?

do my medicine assignment 48:16 – 54:50 – Robbie asks Mike what strategies can be used with athletes to improve their metabolic flexibility? 54:51 – 1:05:20 – Robbie asks Mike about high/low nutritional strategies to increase mitochondrial biogenesis for athletic performance? 1:05:21 – 1:06:32 – Robbie asks Mike if individuals with superior metabolic flexibility have greater HRV scores? 1:06:33 – 1:08:00 – Robbie asks Mike about the differences in the metabolic flexibility between a pathological tissue versus a healthy tissue in the body

dissertation project 1:08:01 – 1:10:33 – Robbie asks Mike about the differences in the metabolic flexibility between different organs

see url 1:10:34 – 1:12:01 – Robbie asks Mike for his top and current book recommendations

go site 1:12:02 – 1:14:03 – Robbie asks Mike about evidence for RPR?

watch 1:14:04 – 1:14:55 – Robbie asks Mike if he only had one left on planet earth, how would he spend that year and why?

go 1:14:56 – 1:19:07 – Robbie asks Mike, if he could in 5 people to dinner, dead or alive, who would he invite and why?

how to write a term paper for college 1:19:08 – 1:19:27 – Finally, Robbie ask Mike – what does the T stand for?? It’s not for Tigger!

viagra affect women 1:19:28 – 1:19:46 – Robbie wraps up the show!

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