Check out The Ready State Podcast I did with Dr. Kelly Starrett and his wonderful wife Juliet all about the Flex Diet!

>> The Ready State Podcast w Dr. Mike T Nelson << Listen in.

We covered everything from . . .

  • Metabolism
  • My MS thesis on a project that was so classified that I wasn’t even told it was classified: raygun
  • “Physiology is complex, but your actions are relatively simple.”
  • Mark Sisson and Met Flex
  • The effects of poor sleep
  • Why is nutrition so difficult to study?
  • Why Laird Hamilton is a freak.
  • “Coaching Leverage” what is it?
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV) defined
  • Relative Energy Deficiency (RED-S) and Dr. Sue Kleiner
  • How does one become more metabolically flexible?
  • The Pop-Tart test
  • Fasting; fuel selector switch
  • Metabolic Flexibility testing in a lab

I loved this interview, and it was so great to chat with both of them again.

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Rock on!
Dr. Mike

P.S. You can hear me talk all about Metabolic Flux on the Iron Radio Podcast.