>>Episode 420<< Click here to listen.

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Which strategies or dietary supplements do you use to sleep as well as you train?

There are many out there, so the guys discuss a broad spectrum. From amino acid derivatives to herbs, plenty of opinions and facts get discussed.

The gang from Iron Radio tackle this concept on this episode 420.

Also tune in for mail and news on creatine, strongman standings, and the potential downsides of caffeine.

In the Topic of the Day, the guys discuss sleep supplements.

  • Read a book and relax
  • Melatonin – not the same dose for everyone.
  • Beware of Nyquil; seems to mess up training
  • Turn off your phone (or any screens)
  • Sexy yellow glasses; Dr. Mike’s thoughts
  • Sunlight exposure during the day
  • Ear plugs and sleep mask
  • What supplements are useful and cost effective?
  • And more. . .