My Top 2 Lessons from 30 Years of Lifting

By now you know that in addition to my passion for all things exercise, nutrition, and human physiology overall, I love dark coffee (this AM was Bonefrog coffee), dark beer (last night was Guinness Coffee nitro), and dark metal music. Oh ya! This past week was the 30th anniversary of one of the best metal

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S2_EP_38 Variability in Your Training and the Importance of Consistency

In today's episode, I'm talking to you about variability in your training. I'll give something you can apply immediately to increase your performance, build more muscle, and help you avoid injury. Episode Notes The importance of having something you can do for exercise at home

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Discipline; Do the Work – Keep Moving Forward

Discipline is to punch the clock by lifting the weights with violent consistency. Day in; day out. Some days will be easy. Some days will be hard and suck huge moose balls. Some days may be only mobility work and light cardio. Other days are hitting a new 1 RM. You will have a few

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