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S2_EP_44_Fasted vs. Fed Cardio – Brand New Research

Today, I'm talking with Jeff Rothschild about his recently published study looking at fed vs. fasted cardio. Does protein change which fuels you use - fats or carbs? Does eating beforehand make a difference? Listen in as he joins me all the way from New

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Fasted Cardio – dem’s fighten’ words

…dem's fighten’ words to bros! In the red corner weighing in at 156 lbs looking like an eel shaped rake, posting on forums as “KingDingling78” and suffering unconsciously with a mad case of DunningKrugeritis, is Bro #1. In the blue corner weighing in at 230 lbs at an internet-professed 8% body fat and benching 400

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Episode 187 The Boom Boom Podcast – Simplifying the Science of Training

*from The Boom Boom Performance Podcast Ketogenic Dieting? Fasted Cardio? Metabolic Flexibility? Stress? What does the science say for all these hot topics?   Find out here as Cody McBroom from The Boom Boom Performance Podcast interviews me about these topics. (3:09) 1. Mike’s “Story” (7:54) 2. Mike Working with Athletes (10:10) 3. How Does Mike

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